eXperimental Computing Facility

About the XCF


A Java-based interface to the GIMP which allows for the easy generation of logos.
MetaDigest is a system for allowing service providers to distribute hypertext messages to groups of Web users interested in the resource.
Mailing lists we run
Including advanced-java, prcs-list and gimp-list.
Mailing List Archives
Include archives for advanced-java, prcs-list, gimp-list, ucb.class.cs164, ucb.class.cs170, ucb.class.cs150 and ucb.class.physics7b, plus more.
CSUA/XCF/OCF help sessions
Information about help sessions run by the CSUA, OCF and XCF. Also, info about the XCF's Virtual Help Sessions.


GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program
The home page for the very popular Unix image-editing software, the GIMP.
GTK - GIMP ToolKit
The home page for the GTK widget toolkit, which sprung from the devlopment of the GIMP. GTK is the basis for the GIMP and the GNU Network Object Model Environment [GNOME] projects.
PRCS - Project Revision Control System
The front end to a set of tools [like CVS, but much easier to use] which provide a way to deal with sets of files and directories as a unit, perserving revision information for both the files and the set as a whole.
A web-based application to help UC Berkeley students schedule classes. Enter the names of classes you want to take, and other priortized information about when you want to sleep [and other important responsibilities], and ByteBears will select classes for you.

Other Information of Interest

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